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October 2011



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twenty two zero nine eleven

It is difficult to describe the extent of this exhaustion. 

Especially in this cold weather that I love so much. Recently I've been having dreams of hibernation. Beautiful images. Fluffy pillows and pine cones and a tree hole haha. But always always when the comfort is at its peak, ghostly peals of bells that is my alarm start filling my ears and I fade back slowly into consciousness.

Then again the cold weather comes at a price. The rain makes traffic on BKE a real bother cuz I get inexplicably annoyed when my 168 stalls and my well-timed connecting 187 is lost causing me to miss the 7.16am 177. I then spend the next quarter of an hour standing at the bus stop at Bukit Panjang central feeling sore and deflated having to watch the mass of people around me rush around trying to squeeze onto overflowing vehicles and the occasional outburst of cursing when someone misses his bus. 

Never contented with anything I have. How :(

I have simple wishes nowadays. Real simple.

I wish for one day where noone talks to me in office. Don't ask me anything - your event coverage, details, planning, coordination, statuses, performances of those little louts around me, reporting my location, improvement to the team, directions for the next quarter, design for the next issue yadda yadda. The constancy of the movement (all of which unncessary) in and about really makes me feel like I'm floating.

Not in the mushroom-induced way. Just a disorientating, unbalancing, nauseating feeling that makes me feel like a lone celestial body which has multiple galaxies spinning around me. Oooh they found Tatooine - the planet with two suns! I think sometimes I regard NASA with a salty dash of doubt.

Colours and voices and sounds and papers and files and questions and comments and ideas and stupidty and poor grammar and made-up words (e.g. wordingz) and ridiculous cosmetics and the best of them, vetting half-assed work. Infuriating. 

Even with having 4-day weeks for the past month and the next three months can't seem to jolt me out of that haha. *uproar* the world flips over cuz everyone is jealous hahahahhaha.

Can't run away away away. 

But I got my desert boots to look forward to, given the demise of the leather high-cuts. 

And then and then I really need to start writing that bloody 500 word essay STOP PROCRASTINATING AND GET A GRIP or I'm gonna end up having to pay full tuition fees for uni. That I'm unwilling to do.

So write the essay. It is not that hard.