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October 2011



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Haven't felt so happy in awhile.

Not that anything happened that makes me happy .. Just a soft, satisfied happiness. Haha I'm really getting used to this rest cycle of not working Fridays and I shudder to think about what would happen if I didn't have it anymore. Much as it shouldn't cuz I do have enough days of leave and off to pull me through the next 180+ days.

Happy I'm here alone, waiting for someone whose consistency I admire. And love. Happy I'm reading an old book that always makes me want to go on, happy that my lemon tea tastes perfectly unsweetened to me. And slightly bitter. Happy that I haven't received any stupid texts from office. Hahaha actually I have. And a few on top of that, but they're more funny than stupid - which I define to be the asking of questions that are unnecessary. Of course that includes holding full-length conversations of such. The longer, the stupider. And I'm happy that my portobello mushroom burger is still the same and still as good. Watching these people walking around and away from me - to the trains, buses, flights and sometimes simply nowhere, also makes me deeply peaceful. Don't really know why.

It's really such times that make all the problems of all circumstance fade into a light, faraway breeze. What things are, are what we make out of it. But too much of it is subjective, too much of it is emotional, too much of it is unexplainable. If only.

Now I've got the central theme for a dystopian, sci-fi novel.

Love the tranquil afternoon.

And my new desert boots, shades and CK Electric.

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